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Avant Browser 11.6

Avant Browser is another web browser based on IE core with more cool features
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Avant Browser is an Internet Explorer based, no-frills web browser. Avant includes basic mouse gestures, tabbed browsing with movable tabs, and a full 500% zoom. Avant offers a pop-up blocker, full compatibility with IE, built-in Yahoo and Google search engines, automatic deletion of records (such as history, cookies and temporary internet files) and multiple skins to customize the appearance of your browser.

Avant Browser uses the Internet Explorer engine and adds a ton of great features. All of Internet Explorers options are still accessible from Avant, as well as a slew of new options that Avant has added for you. Once you have installed Avant Browser, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes setting up some of these new options.

One of cool feature is the Flash animation filter; the idea here is that most Flash components on web pages are just annoying adverts. Using the filter to block animations allows you to claw back some precious bandwidth – particularly handy for helping speed up browsing on steam-powered dial-up connections.

The built in search engine is powered by Google, the most popular search engine out there right now. You can also configure Avant to clear typed addresses, passwords, cookies, temporary internet files and recently opened pages, items that many of us clean out regularly. Avant can be minimized to your tray, taking up less space on your screen when not in use. Should Avant crash, or be closed accidentally, you can recover the pages that were open when this happened.

Avant is a good browser, perhaps a little too intense for beginners, but undoubtedly powerful. It's certainly worth a download and a little experimentation.

Daniel Mantilla
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